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Sezzle Review India | Buy Now Pay Later Apps | Digital Credit

Synopsis: A detailed Sezzle review, highlighting the process of using Sezzle and its authenticity for consumers. Our team has used Sezzle over the last 2 months to understand the complete repayment process before penning down our Sezzle India review. 

“Buy now pay later” (BNPL) apps are extremely popular with consumers in India. The consumers receive a digital credit option where current purchases are payable in the future, with a minimal down payment or zero interest if timely repayments are made. Sezzle is one such “buy now pay later” app. The Arthayana team curated a list of 4 genuine and legal pay later apps, and Sezzle is one of them. Read the curated list here and our Sezzle review below.

What is Sezzle? 

Co-founded by Charlie Youakim, Paul Paradis, and Kilian Brackey in 2016, Sezzle Inc is a Minneapolis, USA based publicly traded financial technology company. It offers interest-free instalment plans through their turnkey alternative payment platform that utilises machine algorithm to extend digital credit to consumers. 

Sezzle launched their pilot project in India in March 2020, and as of publishing this article, they have around 300,000 verified consumers from India. Indeed, being a populous country which is moving towards becoming a cashless society, Sezzle understands the tremendous opportunity India provides to BNPL apps. 

Sezzle Review | Digital Credit | Buy Now Pay Later Apps

The buy now pay later Sezzle app offers a unique payment option. Split every bill into 4 EMI’s, payable over 6 weeks with 0% interest. For example, if consumer shops for around Rs. 2,000 from any of their partnered stores, the buyer pays 25% upfront, that is, Rs. 500 and continues to pay 25% every 2 weeks at 0% interest. Any penalty amount in case of payment delays is not yet clear from their website. The Sezzle payment option is visible prominently during checkout. 

Sezzle Review – How Does Sezzle Work for Consumers? 

In the next few sections of our Sezzle review, we will tell you how Sezzle works for customers. 

Sezzle Signup 

The signup process is easy – create an account with mobile number, verify email id, add PAN and other KYC details, and connect the UPI id or a credit card for easy repayments. The digital credit limit is decided based on credit analysis and repayment record. 

Our team members connected their UPI id on Google Pay. Every repayment date, a payment collection request was sent on Google Pay which was valid for 6 hours. Once repaid, the amount immediately reflects on the Sezzle consumer dashboard. 

Making a Purchase 

All the partnered Sezzle stores are available here. Login to the consumer account to access the full details of stores. 

For our Sezzle review, we choose the Re’equil cosmetic store. Click on the store icon for redirection to the merchant website. Shop as we usually do and Add to Cart. Go to Checkout, fill the Shipping and Billing details and move to the Payment page. 

Sezzle Payment Options | Sezzle Review | Digital Credit | Buy Now Pay Later

Note: Sometimes the Sezzle option is visible directly on the product page, like the following example. 

Sezzle Review > Digital Credit > Buy Now Pay Later

On the Payment page, the option to pay with Sezzle is prominently displayed. Choose Sezzle and click on Complete Order (the term is different for every merchant but similar). 

The consumer is directed to the Sezzle Checkout page.

Login to Sezzle if not already logged in. 

Sezzle Review > Digital Credit > Buy Now Pay Later

Verify the account with OTP. 

Sezzle Review > Digital Credit > Buy Now Pay Later

The next page shows the amount the consumer has to pay now and the following 3 dates when Sezzle would send the repayment request. Repayment amount from the linked credit card is automatically deducted. 

Sezzle Review > Digital Credit > Buy Now Pay Later

Click on Complete Order, make the payment via UPI or credit card, and the purchase is complete. The consumer is redirected to the merchant site confirming an order placement.

….that’s it! 

Sezzle Dashboard 

The Sezzle dashboard is transparent and free of clutter. It is easily accessible and has a low learning curve. No time is wasted in learning how to operate the dashboard. 

The Orders section shows all the lifetime orders, including refunds, disputes, and cancellations. 

Sezzle Orders Dashboard > Sezzle Review > Digital Credit

The Payments section displays all the upcoming with a small Pay link for consumers to make early repayments. 

Sezzle Review > Digital Credit > Buy Now Pay Later

Refunds & Cancellations 

The refunds and cancellation process is seamless; it operates similar to buying on ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Do note that refunds and cancellations are governed by the terms and conditions of the merchant website from where a consumer buys the product – Sezzle is simply a facilitator in between.

Therefore, refunds and cancellations are decided on case-by-case basis, depending on the concerned merchant and the number of EMI’s pending at the consumer’s side.


Sezzle is a genuine buy now pay later app. It is immensely popular in the United States and Canada. In the time it took our team members to use Sezzle for this review, we have found no cause for concern. The shopping process and repayment system is seamless. We hope our Sezzle review helps our readers in making an informed financial decision. Share the Sezzle experience with us!

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